Corporate Social Responsibility

Comba Network is devoted to carrying out its responsibilities as a corporate citizen, making a positive impact on the environment, customers, partners, employees, investors, communities, and others. We are committed to adopting best practices in corporate social responsibilities while empowering network.

Environmental Protection

Comba Network has been committed to achieving the sustainable development goal of environmental protection and energy-saving. We have adopted the management concept of the life cycle in all the business activities worldwide to minimize the adverse effects on the environment while producing and offering services, perform its compliance obligations and enhance environmental performance, thus contributing to the better prevention of environmental pollution and the sustainable development of society.

Corporate Citizenship Activities

While accelerating our development healthily and rapidly, Comba Network is devoted to supporting social charity and proactively fulfills its social responsibilities and obligations. It has devoted many human and financial resources to various aspects, including public welfare activities, poverty alleviation, donations for school, staff care, and expressing greetings and concern to the injured and disabled. 

Supply Chain Management

Comba Network has regulated the management of key processes of the supply chain such as the placing of the purchase order, the entering of contracts, product acceptance, and the settlement by formulating a proven purchase management system and establishing supplier acceptance, performance appraisal, and exit mechanisms.


In order to protect environmental and personal health and safety, pursue social benefits and ensure social interests. Comba Network is committed to the career development of employees and offers dual promotion paths for them, implementing a system that links its employees’ remuneration and promotion to their working experience, capabilities, and performance, which incentivizes their proactivity. 

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