Innovations and technological advancements in communication, virtualization, cloud computing, IIoT and Artificial Intelligence hold tremendous potential to reshape the healthcare industry. The arrival of 5G networks has taken modern healthcare to the next level, unlocking a new era of a fully digitalized and connected healthcare ecosystem. High-speed connectivity is essential to facilitate digital healthcare services such as telemedicine, digital care, robotics, and etc.   


With Comba Comflex PRO DAS solution, healthcare facilities are empowered to build a high-performance network that improves patient outcomes and eliminates operational inefficiencies. Our FLeX5 enables the industry to achieve digital transformation, support innovative applications and make higher-quality care available as private networks can be built more cost-effectively to increase capacity where it is needed to support critical data transfers and processing.


Our ScanViS computer vision solution can simplify identity verification of staff and patients, and reduce administration pressure.


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