Supply Chain Management

Comba Network has regulated the management of key processes of the supply chain such as the placing of the purchase order, the entering of contracts, product acceptance, and the settlement by formulating a proven purchase management system and establishing supplier acceptance, performance appraisal, and exit mechanisms.


We implement comprehensive certification of its newly introduced suppliers, which includes certification of the sustainable development system. Comba Network regards sustainable development as one of the basic conditions and requirements in introducing suppliers, so as to assess suppliers’ capability and level to comply with laws and regulations and sustainable development agreements. Suppliers are required to carry out business based on the fact that they have complied with applicable laws and regulations and met the requirements under sustainable development. Comba Network has entered into an Agreement of Corporate Social Responsibility with material suppliers to constraint their code of conduct on integrity and law-abiding, human rights, labor standards, health and safety, environment, and prohibited commercial transactions, which is a necessity to carry out supplier certification, audit, and performance assessment.

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