Environmental Protection & Resource Utilization

Comba Network has been committed to achieving the sustainable development goal of environmental protection and energy-saving.


We have adopted the management concept of the life cycle in all the business activities worldwide to minimize the adverse effects on the environment while producing and offering services, perform its compliance obligations and enhance environmental performance, thus contributing to the better prevention of environmental pollution and the sustainable development of society.



Carbon Neutrality


Achieving green and low-carbon development is a top-listed strategy at the national level and a necessary condition for the long-term healthy and sustainable development of our economy.


Comba Network continues to keep a close eye on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) proposal on the 1.5 °C target and subsequent changes. Comba is committed to halving our total greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, in alignment with the 1,5°C ambition.


Comba will adopt vigorous measures to constantly integrate the concept of low-carbon development into product design and all aspects of our operational activities. At the same time, we will work with partners, customers, and suppliers to seek a sustainable low-carbon business environment.



Environmental and Quality Management System


Comba Network sets a goal of environmental management to achieve pollution reduction and emission control and strictly monitor waste discharge during the course of production by setting up ISO14001 Environmental Management System and carrying out environmental control procedures as well as environmental monitoring and measurement control procedures pursuant to the working guideline of standardizing the works of environmental management, taking precaution as the main task, fulfilling the regulation requirement, satisfying the standards of emission to make sure that it is under control and continuing to save energy and reduce consumption, with the aim to ensure the management and control of pollution at source.


Also, the products selling at the EU market all met the EU RoHS "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment" requirements starting from July 1, 2006.



Resource Utilization


Comba Network takes careful consideration of environmental factors throughout the life cycle of its products and services to provide its products with the characteristics of energy and natural resource-saving and non-pollution in each procedure of R&D, production, sale, transportation, utilization, and abandonment.


We effectively manage water consumption and wastewater treatment to reduce environmental pollution, actively promote the concept of water conservation. We also promote the active application of energy-efficient products, equipment, and techniques to reduce energy consumption.


We implemented a flexible layout and upgraded its intelligent manufacturing equipment in its production workshops to help reduce energy consumption as well as the impact on the environment.


All pieces of equipment have been connected to optimize the intelligent deployment in the life cycle of products so as to improve operation efficiency of products, reduce the repair rate in the market, and increase the useful life of machines.


Comba Network continued to optimize and reform its product packaging. We reduced the use of packaging accessories and packaging materials to minimize the impact on the environment. 

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