Hospitality and Retail


 Connectivity, big data, and mobility drive the digital transformation of the hospitality and retail industry, including consumer experience innovations in location-based services, virtual reality, augmented reality, and smart solutions. The pandemic amplified the need for putting digital at the heart of their business strategy.


5G development boosts the hospitality and retail industry, providing advanced digital connectivity with higher speed, lower latency and greater capacity. At Comba, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of network solutions to facilitate innovative technology applications in the industry. The Comflex PRO DAS solution helps build a multi-operator indoor mobile network that evolves from LTE to 5G and provides scalable capacity and coverage. Our Small Cell solution offers seamless and faster indoor connectivity for different hospitality and retail use cases. The FLeX5 end-to-end solution enables businesses to create private networks more cost-effectively.

Small cell
End-to-end Solution

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