Comba and Highline Enhance Connectivity at Viracopos Airport in São Paulo – Brazil

One of Brazil's Premier Airports Implements Cutting-Edge Technology to Elevate Passenger Experience


(São Paulo, March 2024) – Comba, Highline, and Concessionária Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos S.A. are proud to announce the successful completion of a major mobile network modernization initiative at Viracopos International Airport, a cornerstone of Brazil's aviation infrastructure located in Campinas, São Paulo. This ambitious project, aimed at enhancing connectivity for passengers and local businesses alike, has seen the comprehensive redesign and upgrade of the airport's mobile network infrastructure, now equipped to deliver state-of-the-art 5G technology alongside robust 3G and 4G capabilities. The deployment of Comba's in-building solution – ComFlex System - has significantly expanded cellular signal coverage across the entire airport complex.


With an annual capacity to serve 25 million passengers and boasting over 90,000 square meters of cargo terminal space, Viracopos Airport stands as a vital hub, ranking fourth in the nation for passenger traffic and holding a prominent position as one of South America's largest air cargo centers. Facilitating the movement of over a third of Brazil's air-imported cargo, the need for expanded cellular coverage has become imperative to accommodate the growing demand for high-speed connectivity across various operational domains.


Johnny Brito, CEO of Comba Brazil, remarked, "Comba has a proven track record of successfully implementing large-scale cellular coverage projects both domestically and internationally. From multi-purpose arenas to transportation hubs, our commitment to excellence shines through in every endeavor."


The project led by Highline and implemented by Comba not only improves the experience of passengers passing through the airport but also benefits visitors, employees, service providers, regulatory agencies, airlines, and all involved in the operation. "Improving the signal of mobile operators in enclosed spaces with high people and machinery circulation is always a challenge. Airport projects, bus terminals, transportation stations, shopping malls, stadiums, etc., each have their own particularities that need to be understood and designed. And Highline is prepared to develop each project that generates the best possible experience for users," emphasizes Christiano Morette, Highline's Director of Operations.


"Currently, Viracopos International Airport has a state-of-the-art network with unique conditions to offer the best experience to users, reinforcing Concessionária Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos's commitment to Brazil and innovation," highlights Guilherme Dalto, Systems and IT Manager of Viracopos.


Alex Scarpim, Coordinator of IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure at Viracopos, adds: "The modernization of the cellular network has been implemented throughout the airport complex, which has 01 passenger processor, 03 Piers, 28 boarding bridges, and 01 Parking Building, covering an area of approximately 178,000 m², whereas the old terminal had an area of 28,000 m²."


It will also directly benefit all passengers using Viracopos services. In 2023, 12.5 million people passed through the airport terminal. It's as if the entire population of the state of Paraná or the city of São Paulo had embarked or disembarked at the airport (both have just over 11.4 million inhabitants each, according to the 2022 Census). 



Elected the Best Airport in Brazil in its category four times since the beginning of the concession and the Best Cargo Terminal in the World in 2018, continues to invest in improving the quality of services provided to customers.

Located in one of the country's most important technological hubs, the RMC (Campinas Metropolitan Region), which is served by major universities, highways, and cutting-edge technology companies, Viracopos Airport is now one of the most significant cargo and passenger movement centers in the country. In 2023, for example, 12.5 million people boarded or disembarked through the airport. The Cargo Terminal processed 300,000 tons of cargo in 2023 and is responsible for receiving a third of all imports that arrive in the country by air.


About Comba Telecom:

Comba Telecom is a leading company in providing telecommunications infrastructure solutions, recognized for its expertise in large-scale cellular coverage projects. With a global presence, Comba offers innovative solutions to meet the growing demands for connectivity in diverse environments. For more information, visit


About Highline:

With more than 13,500 infrastructure points distributed throughout Brazil and over 98,000 points available through partnerships for new implementations, Highline develops and manages shared infrastructure solutions such as towers, rooftop structures, and indoor locations such as shopping malls and stadiums for telecommunications operators. It is controlled by DigitalBridge, an American digital infrastructure investment fund, with over $75 billion in assets under its management, and other shareholders such as Aimco (Alberta Investment Management Corporation), Allianz, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).


This investment reflects Highline's continued commitment to providing exceptional connectivity experience and maintaining its position as one of the companies that invest the most in the sector. The partnership with Comba represents a significant step towards achieving this goal, ensuring reliable and comprehensive cellular signal coverage in large-scale projects.



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