Comba Showcases 5G Innovations at EXPONOR 2024 – A Mining Tech Revolution

(Chile, May 23, 2024) – As a global leader in wireless solutions, Comba Telecom is poised to revolutionize the mining industry at Chile’s premier mining event, EXPONOR 2024. The company has partnered with Gallyas Telecom, an esteemed collaborator, to showcase its innovative 5G private network solutions, which are set to transform mining operations with enhanced efficiency and connectivity. 


EXPONOR 2024, scheduled for June 3-6, 2024, in Antofagasta, Chile, will feature Comba Telecom at Booth #1050 in the Molibdeno Pavilion. Comba's 5G technology promises to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and safety in the mining sector. With the capacity to automate over 90% of mining operations, these solutions will not only act as productivity enhancers but will also play a crucial role in minimizing personnel exposure to hazardous environments. 


Comba's 5G solutions offer a dual advantage: they boost productivity and significantly reduce the necessity for personnel to work in hazardous conditions. With the ability to automate over 90% of mining operations, Comba's solutions not only boost productivity but also significantly reduce the need for personnel to work in hazardous environments. 


Comba extends a warm invitation to all attendees of EXPONOR2024 to visit Booth #1050 for an exclusive look at the technology that is on the cusp of revolutionizing the mining industry. 


Delve into our mining use cases infographic for a visually captivating burst of inspiration:


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