(8 August 2022, Hong Kong) – Comba Network Systems Company Limited (“Comba Network”), an indirect subsidiary of Comba Telecom has participated in the TIP ON Event 2022 held by Telecom Infra Project at TIP Community Lab established in Telkom University in Indonesia from 11-July to 12-July. During the two-day event, our TIP-qualified Open RAN solutions were showcased to stakeholders from the open network ecosystem, including regulators, operators, industry players, and academia.


Telkom University was selected to be the First Community Lab of Telecom Infra Project (TIP) in Southeast Asia and the 14th in the world supported by operators, GSMA, TIP, and Kominfo to accelerate the “Making Indonesia 4.0” Program. This event was the first held since the launch of the Lab in 2020, creating opportunities for businesses and stakeholders in the open network ecosystem to demonstrate cutting-edge innovations, share insights, and encourage collaborations. As the leading radio innovator in the Open RAN ecosystem, Comba showcased openradio macro Remote Radio Unit (RRU) and Small Cell products suitable for all types of deployment scenarios, exchanging ideas with the visitors on the cooperation to boost the development of the open platform.


Comba Open RAN High Power RRU products, which are fully compliant with TIP RU requirements, support open fronthaul split Option 7.2x. They are 5G ready with high power efficiency and multi-RAT capability. The compact and lightweight design also allows flexible deployment. Actively collaborating with TIP in lab tests and field trials, 9 high-power single-band and multi-band RRU products of Comba were awarded Field Trial Badges and Requirements Compliant Ribbons, and listed on the TIP Exchange.


Ms. Marie Ma, General Manager of Comba Telecom Network Systems Limited, said, “Comba believes in the value of openness in mobile networks. We have developed a strong footprint in radio technology and introduced a rich Open Radio product portfolio widely recognized by the leading operators globally. Seeing a massive growth of the Open RAN market over the years, Comba strives to deepen cooperation with TIP to help boost network modernization worldwide.”

Vishal Mathur, Global Head of Engagement, Telecom Infra Project, said, "TIP Community Labs offer a valuable framework for industry collaboration that contributes to the development of open, disaggregated, and standards-based network infrastructure solutions. We're pleased to see the positive impact the Telkom University sponsored community lab is having in advancing connectivity in Indonesia and the wider region and proud of the vital role played by our participants in supporting these efforts."

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